Acre’s Bastard

My  newest novel is out in the world, and is an award winner.

My new novel, Acre's Bastard will be out in January of 2017 and available in all formats and online stores
My new novel, Acre’s Bastard will be out in January of 2017 and available in all formats and online stores
“Acre’s Bastard” is set during the Second Crusade as the fall of Jerusalem approaches. It’s the story of ten-year-old Lucca, a precocious half-Syrian, half-Frankish orphan whose playground is the streets and alleys of Acre-“the wickedest city in the world”. A terrible betrayal by the villainous Brother Idoneus drives him from the Hospital orphanage, and he’s forced to take shelter with a mysterious stranger who draws him into a web of espionage, murder and adventure even Lucca’s active imagination couldn’t conjure.
Playing what he thinks is a harmless game, Lucca witnesses the blackmailing and murder of a clerk by the mysterious spy El Sameen. The lad and the enigmatic Brother Marco uncover a plot to help Salah-adin drive the Crusaders from the Holy Land forever. Unable to return to the Hospitaller sanctuary he once called home, Lucca is forced from the city, kidnapped and witnesses the destruction of the Crusader army at the disastrous Battle of Hattin. Can one frightened boy rescue his friends and get back to safety behind the walls of Acre—and is he safe if he does?

This 80,000 word novel, like Kipling’s “Kim”, takes a child’s view of a very adult world; a world where religious and political factions disregard the most innocent and war is ever-present. A world, in fact, very much like the one we live in today.

Acre’s Bastard has won both the Reader’s award and the PB award from Chill With a Book.
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