Tales of WW2 Italy from Pamela Allegretto

Sometimes you run across people who are just so darned talented in so many ways and has such a seemingly cool life it seems quite unfair to the rest of us mere mortals. Pamela Allegretto is one of these folks.

Pamela Allegretto is the polymath author of Bridge of Sighs and Dreams
Pamela Allegretto is the polymath author of Bridge of Sighs and Dreams

She was educated at L’Università per Gli Stranieri in Florence, Italy, lives in Connecticut and divides her time between writing, painting, and translating. In addition to the new historical novel: Bridge of Sighs and Dreams, Her published work includes dual-language poetry books, translations in Italian literary journals, articles in local newspapers and on-line websites, CD covers, and cartoons. Her original art is collected worldwide. If it wasn’t for her habit of sending emails in comic sans,   I wouldn’t believe she’s mortal.

I, on the other hand, managed to feed Byron, my cockatiel, without spilling any seeds on the rug this morning. Not in the same league at all.

In a nutshell, what’s the book about?
Nazi-occupied Rome sets the stage for Bridge of Sighs and Dreams, where the lives of two women collide in an arena of deception, greed, and sacrifice.   
While political cartoonist Angelina Rosini channels her creativity into the art of survival for herself and her daughter, Lidia Corsini quenches her greed by turning in Jews to the Nazis. Lidia’s spiral into immorality accelerates as swiftly as the Jewish population dwindles; and soon not even her husband, her son, nor Angelina is immune to her madness. 
What is it about that period or character that intrigued you and motivated you to write about it?
  While growing up, I always hated listening to jokes about the Italians going into World War 2 with their hands raised. This was not at all the case, and I wanted to point out the bravery of the Italian population during this horrific time. Although Bridge of Sighs and Dreams is fiction, It is based on real events. I felt compelled to write a war novel in which the women don’t play the role of wallpaper or objects of amusement to soldiers and politicians. The women in Bridge of Sighs and Dreams take center stage in a behind the lines battle between good and evil.
Without giving away spoilers, what’s your favorite scene or event in the book?

Oh boy, asking an author what’s her favorite scene in a book is like asking a mother to name her favorite child. I suppose writing my antagonist, Lidia, affected me most. To think that such an immoral character lurked somewhere in my psyche was more than a little unsettling. And the idea that I actually enjoyed getting into her head and writing her odious words and deeds, well…

A tale of Italy during WW2
A tale of Italy during WW2
Where can people find you and your book?
 You can read more about my book at:  http://www.pamelaallegretto.com

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams is available for purchase in paperback and eBook at: AMAZON: