Sitting at the Big Kids (Historical, Round) Table

One of the most fun writing activities I’ve been involved in for a while was to take part in a “round table” of 6 or 7 historical fiction writers. Just being included in their midst was like graduating to the big-kids table at Thanksgiving.

As a new member of the Historical Novel Society, I’m in awe of the talent and output of so many people who share some of my obsessions. Click here to take a look at the discussion and enjoy.

A big thanks to Sophie Schiller (a nom de plum but who am I to rat her out?) for putting this project together through the HSN Bloggers Facebook Page. Can’t wait for next month to meet more talented folks. Many of these authors are likely to wind up interviewed here over the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to learning more about them and reading their work.

Meanwhile, if you’re checking out their work, don’t forget Acre’s Bastard is out on January 17!

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Wayne Turmel

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