I Love Talking to Other Writers. Can you Tell?

Ever wonder what writers talk about when mere mortals aren’t around? There are two new interviews up on YouTube where you can see for yourself.

I had a complete blast talking to one of the Storgy founders, and a Stoker-nominated horror author, Ross Jefferey. Our hostess was Nichi from Dark Between Pages and we were visited by several other book reviewers and authors as well. If you haven’t checked out the nominated Tome, you should do so. Also, his latest book is Only the Stains Remain. He says very nice things about the half-dozen or so stories I’ve written that the folks in the Storgy-verse have published.

Such a fun interview with my writing buddy Ross Jeffery. Amazing how you can get to know people over time even when you’ve never met…

Then the latest, even though it was recorded long before the other one is with fellow Las Vegas author, Sarah Tasz and her Neon Salon. We go down a pretty deep rabbit hole about the Vegas writing scene and why people either love it or hate it here.

Of course, Sarah is the author of the Dead Mall series. This interview we talked about Johnny Lycan, of course, but also my other novels. You can find them all, along with my nonfiction work, on my Amazon Author Page.

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Wayne Turmel

Wayne Turmel is a writer, speaker, and co-founder of The Remote Leadership Institute. Originally from Canada, he recently moved from Chicago to Las Vegas with his wife, The Duchess. He tries to balance his fiction and non-fiction writing, and loves to hear from readers. You can find him on Twitter @Wturmel. His Amazon author page is at https://www.amazon.com/Wayne-Turmel/e/B00J5PGNWU/