Holding Your Baby- The Count of the Sahara in Paperback

There is nothing like the feeling of holding a hard copy of your book in your hand for the first time. This is especially true in the case of my first novel, The Count of the Sahara. I have published a number of books (you can see the whole list here) but until now, something’s been […]

The Opinions of the Characters Are Not Necessarily Those of the Management

When the characters in your book say something despicable, stupid or “politically incorrect,” does that mean that the author is a racist, an idiot or a bad human being? This has been the topic of conversation, some of it fairly heated, at my writer’s group lately. Historical fiction is particularly susceptible to this kind of […]

The Count of the Sahara is Available Now on Kindle

“… a brilliant novel, great historical fiction. I couldn’t put it down.” Angela Best “A cleverly woven heart-warming story. Warning, it can make you giggle!” Chris Dangerfield My first novel, The Count of the Sahara is now available on Kindle. In 1925, “Count” Byron de Prorok was the most famous archaeologist in the world. By […]

So, Hotshot, who’s publishing your book?

When I announced that my first novel, “Pith Helmets in the Snow” was going to be published, I got a lot of questions about who the publisher was.  The answer, is TheBookFolks in the UK. I have two reasons for telling you this: First, I swore I wouldn’t self-publish my first novel. And I’m not–quit […]